Samsung insists with folding displays: new video concept

Despite the flop of the Fold, Samsung does not desist and announces a new, incredible generation of folding smartphones. They are so new that they don’t even have a name.

During the usual developer conference held every year, Samsung presented a drastically different folding phone from the Galaxy Fold. Instead of turning from tablet to smartphone, this one folds to become a clamshell, a kind of Motorola Razr without hinges.

The idea is to continue to experiment with “new ranges of new form factors” that make smartphones even more compact and useful. Hyesoon Jeong, head of Research & Development at Samsung, explains:

“This new form factor that we are exploring will not only make it easier to put the smartphone in your pocket, but it will also change the way you use it.”

Obviously we are still talking about a concept, so some features and the final design of the product – assuming that it arrives – could differ. But it’s still an interesting high-tech divertissement. What do you think: would you buy a phone made this way? Tell us in the comments, on Twitter or on our Facebook page.

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