Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Specs, Release Date and Rumors

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is referred to as the redeeming device. After the failure of the exploding Note 7, the Galaxy Note 8 has been very well on the radar due to the said issues with its predecessor. Here are some basic info about the upcoming release date and rumors surrounding the said device.

Specs and Rumors

Upon the release of the Note 8, it will provide a great new experience for users. According to rumors, this new phone will have a foldable screen. Likewise, it will get rid of the home button for good. Despite being unconfirmed yet, many are getting negative comments regarding the risk it will have on the company.


For the camera, it may release a dual-lens feature on the rear end similar to the iPhone 7 Plus. Perhaps it will require a larger battery to handle all the apps it will have to accommodate.

Possible Date of Release

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to arrive in late 2017. Other sources say that it can be delayed due to the fact that the company will have to give their products some ample tests before allowing customers to use them.

Unveiling and Other Highlights

The fans are so eager to see the next big thing when the Note 8 will be released soon. Well, depending on the readiness of Samsung, fans will have to wait until January to March before the product will be announced.


In terms of functionality, it has been rumored to have more up its sleeves with the all-new S Pen. This design is being designed to assist users and do more or perform better when using this type of mobile devices.

The price may be around $850 to begin with. However, many of the fans might be beginning to think if it should be worth the wait.

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