Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Overheating and Exploding Issues

Perhaps the most recent buzz that shocked the world was the recall made by Samsung on the Galaxy Note 7. At least the 70 cases were filed in the United States alone due to overheating issues.

According to sources, there were around 22,000 units of Galaxy Note 7 mobile phones were sold from its launching date on August 19 until the announcement date for the recall on September 1, 2016.

Overrated Reports

The company reported that it had only been aware of 35 incidents of the Note 7 which had issues of overheating, catching fire, and eventually exploding. However, issues related to battery faults have been claimed by Samsung to only account for one in every 42,000 products being sold.


Nevertheless, the 70 incidents reported did not entirely catch fire. As a matter of fact, it has only been related to overheating. Hence, it is safe to say that some cases were phones that eventually increased its normal temperature when being charged. However, it is still within operational range.

Samsung Galaxy Users Are Getting Wary

Until there are such solid evidences surrounding this incident, perhaps it is still premature to speculate what has really happened. As the media has been fuzzy about the reported recall, including the reports of property damage and injury, many Galaxy Note 7 users have chosen to be cautious by complying with the said recall.


The issues that contribute to the 70 cases being reported might be easier to understand why the company has decided to recall the said model rather than just do it on a limited number of units.

If you have just purchased this device, this should be a very inconvenient thing to happen to you. Perhaps Samsung will swap this item with another device with exactly the same price as the Note 7. Do you think this deal is fair enough for you to consider?