Samsung Galaxy Note 2 output in Europe: this is the first anti iPhone 5

There was an emotional wave on the arrival of the iPhone 5 in the last two months, not many remember that 1 month ago was the turn of Europe in another phone to take the utmost account. We are talking about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which hit the shelves of our stores and will certainly have ambitions.

Galaxy Note 2

Galaxy Note 2

Of course it is a more niche product, although it is slightly cheaper and less popular phone from Cupertino (mysteries of the crisis) but it is a device that in its first release has shown a lot of interest from consumers and Samsung brings it upgraded and ready to face the dangers of the market in 2013

The perfect device from the Samsung Galaxy Note range on the papers is called as a phablet, this is the definition of a hybrid between a phone and tablet, with its display of 5.5 inches with 1280 x 720 pixels, with a quad-core processor 1.6 GHz and 2 GB of RAM. In addition to this a lot more, features that place it at the top of the world are driven by the state release of4.1.1 Android Jelly Bean.

Definitely itwill not be the maximum of its task ability, but it will offer the advantage of not having to carry around two devices, integrating the wing perfection. If successful, as it seems to be like Samsung and hopefully, it will decide the market. The last few months have done the green robot and Note 2 is definitely among the most attractive, especially in view of the coming year. We have come to the more venal status: its list price is 699 euro in the 16 GB version, which is identical to that of the Galaxy S3, but, like its brother, you can already find it about 100 euro less: pay attention to the warranty .