Samsung Galaxy Gear | Variable pricing for different models

Samsung Galaxy Gear certainly has a nice design but some were never convinced, even at IFA in Berlin 2013. We are talking about a watch that in addition to having a battery life of 25 hours maximum and 10 hours minimum  it also has a price that exceeds that of some former high end smartphones. In short, we just cannot comprehend how Samsung has been able to conceive to propose in this way such a product. Luckily, we could be proven wrong by the next information. It is said in fact that Galaxy Gear could come in different models, low end, medium and high end and then at different prices which dimish or increase depending on the specifications. In short, not all Samsung Galaxy Gear will be sold at 300 to 350 euro and not all will allow you to do what was shown at the German event.

Samsung Galaxy Gear compare

Samsung Galaxy Gear compare

We still do not have a precise idea of Koreans on the clock but for the moment we can only reiterate our hesitation. First, to connect with the phone does activation continue in bluetooth and this already eliminates twenty five hours of battery life promises.

But is Samsung Galaxy Gear really necessary?

Second, what is the purpose of this watch? To read notifications on the phone? Measure your heart rate and provide advanced biometric functions? Take pictures? Sure, but all this is really necessary? We are not talking about 100 euro, we are dealing with over three hundred Euros and two hundred for the lower end model and functions promised do not justify that expense. This money, at least for us, should be spared for other devices.

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