Riding the waves with Windfinder

Are you sailor or play sports that are closely related to the sea and the wind? Then Windfinder is right for you! It is a weather application that shows you every weather detail that really matters for you.

The fact is that wind and sea conditions are key factors for many people: sailors, lovers of water sports, aviation pilots… and probably Android is not enough for any of them in meteorology, given that the information provided does not usually say much apart from offering a forecast.



Your best friend if you go to the sea

Therefore, surely all these people will be grateful for the existence of Windfinder: an application that focuses on providing information dedicated to those who need to know what the state of the sea will be and where the winds will blow throughout the day. And yes, it also provides forecasts for the weather not to catch you by surprise.

In order to become useful for all these people, Windfinder offers many data related to the sea and air currents: wind force and direction, air temperature, air pressure, forecast itself with rainfall amount, size and direction of the waves, and information on the tide. All divided by hours and allowing to enlarge the data to observe in detail.

A sample

A sample

If you are not a sailor or play sports such as surfing, windsurfing and paragliding, then you will not find a very useful application in Windfinder. However, if you do any of these things throughout the day, it can become the best companion you can have on your Android to be forewarned. It forecasts for over 35,000 locations, and gets data from more than 10,000 weather stations around the world.

Windsurfer is among the best Android apps of this 2014 according to Google, and has two versions: free with ads, and pay that removes ads and adds details such as widgets. Although you can test the service on its website, to see at first hand if you are interested.

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