Retina MacBook Pro 13.3″ started production at the Eastern factories

According to the latest rumors, Apple has already started the production of the Retina screen 13.3” for the construction of the new version of MacBook Pro.

According to a tech blog, Apple would launch a few days ago the production of Retina screen 13.3″. So if you buy an Apple computer equipped with Retina technology, you won’t have to spend an amount as € 2,299 to purchase the MacBook 15 “.

MacBook Pro Retina Display

MacBook Pro Retina Display

Here are the indications coming from the suppliers:

”The terms of the supply chain show that screens are intended to 13.3 MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air and Displays are produced by Samsung, LGD and Sharp”, said Shin.

From the information we have so far, it is assumed that the production of a small amount of units to 13.3″ is even talk now instead of a few million units total.

Shim said that production is expected to reach much higher levels when compared with the current MacBook Pro 15.4 inch Retina. With the 15.4” production set at a few hundred thousand units compared to two million of the 13.3″ he explained that in this case, the production of 13.3” began in the third quarter of this year.

All this means that this new version of MacBook Pro Retina Display could make his debut in the market in the coming autumn months.