Refurbished Apple Mac Mini: the Amazon offer

On Amazon, there are opportunities for those who want a compact computer at competitive prices. Here are the best deals on refurbished Mac mini.

Those looking for a Mac mini as a media center or support computer do not necessarily need the latest model, which is powerful but also costs an eye. To fit into more humane budgets, it is possible to stay in the bed of refurbished which offer good performances at much more affordable prices. Here’s what Amazon currently offers.

The problem with minis is that they are rare; the new is expensive, and the used / reconditioned is with the dropper. This is the reason why a second-hand Mac mini keeps beating on the market and tends to devalue itself much less than for example laptops. In other words, we are saying that buying a second-hand model now does not imply that you will not be able to resell it third-hand and make a reasonable sum in a few years. Seeing is believing.