Pokemon GO Craze: The Dangers of Playing While on the Move

Since Pokemon GO’s release a couple of weeks ago, a lot has been written about its effects on people, businesses, health and even dating. In just a few days after the game app became available, it has turned into a phenomenon.

Some say that it gets a person moving since the game is played on a smartphone and the player needs to navigate through 3D space physically. In New York, Central Park is said to have become the headquarters of Pokemon GO for players who get together to enjoy the game.

It has also united people and strangers to share their stories about playing the game. But despite the seemingly good effects this latest innovation in augmented reality offer, there were also some reports on its setbacks.

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Just recently, a car slammed into a police car in Baltimore. The driver’s excuse was that he was playing Pokemon GO while driving.

At a conference, spokesman for Baltimore Police T.J. Smith said that this was not the only case related to the game. There have also been reports that smartphones have been snatched from individuals who were walking while busy playing the latest game craze.

Released last July 6, the game was developed by the Pokemon Company and Niantic. To play the game, the app needs to be downloaded. Once installed players will be able to play the game in actual surroundings, making it more exciting and realistic. The goal is for the player to catch the characters.


Reported downloads from Google Play Store and Apple Store have reached at least 100,000 and the numbers are still increasing. But it also resulted to reported injuries related to playing Pokemon GO.

Just 30 minutes after its release, a user said that he was sent to the ER after he slipped and fell down a ditch. He did not tell the doctors what really happened and instead, said he was walking his dog.

Meanwhile, Smith reminded the people to be aware of the risks of driving while playing Pokemon GO. He added that this is the same with other driving distractions like putting on makeup and texting.