Panasonic Soundbar, new models also with Chromecast

Panasonic has unveiled three Home Theater systems to ensure the highest level of sound reproduction.

Panasonic has announced the new HTB900, HTB700 and HTB510 soundbars. The HTB900 and HTB700 models support the latest audio formats based on Dolby Atmos and DTS: X objects. Combining the speakers with emission upwards to traditional front-facing speakers, the HTB900 and HTB700 soundbars can bounce the sound on the ceiling, so that the listener can hear the individual effects coming from different directions. In this way it is possible to offer an immersive sound experience.

Panasonic has in fact developed its new top-end HTB900 soundbar addressing the experts of its brand of Hi-Fi systems to ensure the most refined audio possible and perfectly in tune with the images, so that the viewer lives an experience of pure sound realism .

The Berlin Philharmonic Hall Mode, featured on the HTB900, faithfully reproduces the acoustics of one of the best concert halls in the world. Without bothering from home, listeners can feel transported in a concert hall pervaded by the powerful resonance and delicate tone of the different instruments of the orchestra.

The HTB900 soundbar has an immense power reserve and a well-thought-out speaker system that together provide dynamic, yet acoustically refined sound for even the most demanding soundtracks. The respectable power of 505W is distributed on six 6.5 cm mid-range speakers, located at the front of the unit, and two tweeters compatible with high-resolution audio at each end. The HTB700 soundbar reaches a power of 376W thanks to three 6.5cm mid-range speakers positioned at the front, to produce a wrap-around sound.

The HTB510 compact model features two Full Range speakers (4.5 x 12cm) with a power of 240W for powerful bass and acoustics that make the dialogs clearer to focus on the movie.

The HTB900 and HTB700 soundbars use a wireless subwoofer that requires no cables. With the subwoofer facing the floor, powerful bass is achieved by diffusing the sound from the speaker and the door downwards. The unit offers clear audio thanks to the high-strength casing, which reduces the influence of vibrations. Likewise, the HTB510 also uses a wireless subwoofer that gives viewers dynamic and robust bass regardless of their location in the environment.

The HTB900 and HTB510 soundbars feature integrated Chromecast technology. If the HTB900 and HTB510 soundbars are connected to Google Home speakers or other Google voice-activated devices, you can use the Google Assistant to operate music playback and other features.

Using the Panasonic Music Control app with the HTB900 soundbar, the listener can create his own playlist with the songs saved on his phone, tablet or music server.

The HTB900 and HTB700 soundbars support 4K Pass Through technology. High definition video content in 4K can be transferred through the soundbar from a 4K source to a 4K TV.

The new Panasonic HTB900 and HTB700 soundbars will be marketed in the Italian market starting from the summer of 2019 at a suggested retail price of around 799 euros and 599 euros, respectively. HTB510 will be introduced in May, indicatively to the suggested piece of 299 euros.

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