Pad Pro 2018, all the technical specifications of CPU and RAM

I am finally updated with the technical specifications of iPad Pro with Face ID; now we know the amount of memory they mount and the speed of the processor.

When Apple launches new iOS devices, it always omits their technical characteristics; a somewhat annoying approach, but born of a noble intent: to keep separate megahertz and nerd details from the product itself. What you should know, for the apple, is that the new works better than the old one. Beautiful.
Fortunately, modern reference software is a dispel the fog because, money, I am the user and the right to know what to buy, if desired.
So, here is the arcane unveiled. The Bionic A12X chip of the new iPad Pro works at 2.48 GHz; a modest increase compared to 2.39 GHz of the A10X Fusion of the 2017 model, but that performance still offers much higher performance thanks to the updated architecture. Where the A10X had a 6-core heart, the A12X Bionic still hides 8: 4, always the maximum performance, while the other 4 times and brought to life a second app in use and the state of charge of the battery.

In total, the new processor is a score of 18.05 on GeekBench 4 against the 9,331 points of the iPad Pro of 2017.

On the RAM front, however, Apple has done things a little differently than usual. Up to now, the amount of memory was identical for all my models; with the new iPad Pro, however, records a differentiation based on the cut of storage: 6GB of RAM for tablets with 1TB of storage, and 4GB for all the others. A quantity in any case judged more than adequate by the experts.

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