Outward: Deep Silver’s ambitious RPG comes out in March – new video

Outward, the upcoming open-world action by Deep Silver and the Nine Dots studios, is shown in a new video game to fix the marketing period of this ambitious project dedicated to cooperative multiplayer next March.

The first act of the new IP of Deep Silver will try to repeat the success of productions such as Dead Island, Risen, Kingdom Come Deliverance and Sacred proposing a game system focused on exploration, with a narrative plot deliberately superficial to ensure maximum freedom of action and movement to the user. The adventurer we play will be called on a long journey to destroy a monster’s nest that threatens to turn his kingdom into a wasteland.

The high rate of challenge proposed by the Nine Dots studies will give a more complete sense to the cooperative component: according to Canadian authors, in fact, the collaboration between users on the net or locally (via shared screen) will be the sharpest weapon available to interpretable characters, especially considering that, before arriving at the end credits, you will have to face dozens and dozens of missions and dynamic quests almost exclusively oriented towards multiplayer.

Before leaving you to the last Outward video game given to us by Nine Dots Studios, let’s remind those who follow us that the title will land on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One during the month of March 2019.