OS 13, Siri Controls becomes even more versatile

With iOS 13, Siri Commands supports more options that will make this feature fun and even more useful. Here are the most interesting news.

Siri commands (Siri Shortcuts in English) is the function that makes Siri programmable; already with iOS 12 it allowed to make an interesting point automation, but with iOS 13 things improved further: you can download videos from Youtube or reduce an entire folder of photos based on where you are in the world, at the time or even when open certain app.
Integration with the operating system becomes increasingly sophisticated and profound, and will allow for very complex tasks to be performed without specific user input. Here are the most interesting news:

Time and Place: From now on, you can create shortcuts that relate to the time or place where you are. You can create automations like “activate a HomeKit scenario as soon as I get home and contextually send a message to my mother that I arrived safely.” Or “When the alarm sounds, turn on music on Apple Music, unless you pressed Delay.”

App opening: You can also set a command. Example: “When I open the VLC app, it increases the brightness of the display to 80% and mutes the fingerprints” or “when you start a video recording, block calls and text” to avoid being disturbed.

Application: The above functionality is also used per unit. For example, you can use the camera icon on the opening screen. Loading is almost instantaneous and the possibilities are endless. For example, you can make Gmail, and so on, by tapping the Mail icon.

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