Nvidia Shield | What do reviews say?

Shield has been available in an official capacity on the North American territory for the past three days but Nvidia has not yet provided data on sales of preorders during these early days of retail sales. Given that the European debut is yet to be defined on the occasion to take a look at reviews, we flaked out a bit all the magazines overseas.

Solid, fluid and promising

The final judgment of AnandTech is more than positive. The Tegra 4 offers top performance segment of the ARM, the build quality is first class and the functions of streaming from compatible PCs extends possibilities of use. Nevertheless, there are downsides. The infrastructure and the hardware is great but lacks a killer app because the games are and remain those available on Google Play and Tegra Zone and then mostly directed to casual gaming. The screen then does not impress and feels the lack of a front camera.

Nvidia Shield

Nvidia Shield

These views are also on The Verge which welcomes hardware and builds quality but notes that the range of mobile games optimized for physical controllers are few, especially because the most lucrative market is the iPhone and iPad. The new Nexus 7, iPod touch and the iPad mini have a completely different form factor but they are able to offer more on other floors. SlashGear states that this is just the beginning, because the device is capable of doing much more than what we saw at launch and not just in gaming. Here, too there is an overall positive view that presses heavily on the novelty factor.

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