No Man’s Sky: the new update introduces the alien Pilgrim exoscafo

No Man’s Sky: the new update introduces the alien Pilgrim exoscafo
The Hello Games guys release a new, important update for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions of No Man’s Sky that introduces many improvements, optimizations and additions to the Next edition of the famous space adventure by Sean Murray.

The No Man’s Sky patch 1.63 is the addition of the Pilgrim, a fast means of transport that will help the galactic explorers to move easily between the biomes of the alien planets. With the new update are also introduced the platforms for the aesthetic customization and processing of exoscafi, with dozens of decals, paints and mods with which to customize their vehicles and enhance their war, movement, extraction and territory scanning capabilities .

The official changelog of the new patch of NMS consists of about 50 entries, each of which perfects an aspect of the sci-fi work of the British developers following Murray: in addition to the already mentioned improvements to the exoscafi and the introduction of the Pilgrim, we cite the optimization of the engineer assigned to load the polygonal textures and models of plants, creatures and minerals, the possibility to observe all the spaceships in orbit while exploring a planet and the modification of the scanning system with a different chromatic choice for the elements highlighted by the analysis.

No Man’s Sky Next is available since July 25 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and since then has never stopped evolving: the new update dedicated to exoscafi is the most striking example.

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