Nexus 7: The new prices of the latest versions

The tablet Nexus 7, a collaboration between Google and ASUS, returned to be talked about. After the leak of the 32 GB version, here’s the new prices for the new device. As we already know, the 8 GB version of Nexus 7 has been disposed of, therefore you can not buy it not even on Play Store. According to the latest rumor, on 29th of October will be presented the Nexus 7 Wifi +3 G and with 32 GB storage. It is said that this version will cost € 299. A very aggressive and very competitive especially now that a few days ago has been introduced the new iPad Mini which seems quite similar.

Nexus 7

Nexus 7

As we had hypothesized a re adjustment of prices of all versions of the device, Nexus 7 16 GB Wi-Fi will be sold at € 199, the 32 GB version always wifi version will cost € 249 and as stated above, the 32 GB wifi +3 G, will cost € 299. In short, great prices for a great device which welcomes with proper manners competition. Will it be a real war between iPad Mini and Nexus 7?

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