New YouTube app for iPhone 5 with new features is available in the App Store

After the expiry of the license, now you need to download YouTube.  The new application comes with many innovations. YouTube arrives on the iPhone thanks to an application. On the eve of the launch of the iPhone 5, App Store launches a new app available for both iPhone and iPod Touch. As about an app for the iPad, it will be available shortly.

The license that allowed the Cupertino company to insert YouTube on iPhones has expired recently and Apple decided not to renew it.  It will be available to people from the App Store.

The new application is also available on the App Store Italian. And the new features are many. Is it possible to share a video directly to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and is more immediate and easier to leave a rating or comment without leaving the video. This gives the opportunity to send the video to an AirPlay device on the network.

You can also watch the channels on Youtube, accessing feeds and playlists. Now Google can directly update the app and there is no need to wait for a new release of the operating system.