Nest Hub Max – 10-inch Smart Display Revealed by Mistake

Google has unveiled the new Nest Hub Max by mistake in advance. This is a 10-inch Smart Display that will arrive in the future. The discovery was made in the Google Store where a page dedicated to this product was found.

Sometimes it happens, in fact, that by mistake the producers can insert inside their sites information on their next products. It seems that something similar has happened to Google. This allowed us to discover the existence of this product and to know some of its characteristics in advance.

According to the leaked, Nest Hub Max will be a Smart Display with Nest camera and 10-inch screen with HD resolution. Since this will be a Nest product, you can expect security-related features. Also present stereo speakers. Early technical information ends here. Full specifications, prices and availability will probably be revealed when Google decides to officially launch Nest Hub Max.

It will be interesting to see if Nest Hub Max will also arrive in Italy. Google is currently marketing a Smart Display, Home Hub, which, however, has only been marketed in a handful of countries.

Therefore, it only remains to wait for Google to officially launch this product to discover all its secrets. The hope is that the launch times can be short. In fact, Google’s “oversight” could mean that the launch of the product is now very close.

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