Mountain Lion OS X download: three million in four days

Beyond the recent intensification of the battle that sees Samsung as opposed to Apple, with the latter leading the damages that have been claimed as the most significant in the history (2.5 billion dollars) for the house of Cupertino the last few weeks have been even more in full of commitments than usual. On the one hand, the company led by Tim Cook is working hard for the iPhone 5 (which should begin on the market on 12th September) the iPad Mini (which will arrive a few weeks later) and the other has debuted the new version of its operating system, the Mountain Lion, which has been widely welcomed by users. In fact there have been more than three million downloads of the ninth release of the Mac OS X that will equip the Mac-book, as well as provide the basis for the iOS 6, we will see the fifth generation of the iPhone in about a month and a half. Enthusiastic press release in which Apple had announced the approval of their latest work on the software front, defined as the greatest achievement in the history of the operating systems made in Cupertino.

Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion

Over two hundred additional functionality at a cost of € 15.99 for this operating system that. There is a milestone as it was in the Lion version 10.8, but that improves many features, not without some controversy trailing. The greater incompatibility of software with the first Apple computers based on Intel hardware platform, which are therefore confined forever not being able to be updated on the front of the operating system, a more or less forced move that Microsoft has done in the past .

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)  System

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) System