Moley Robotics | Robot Chef prepares breakfast while you sleep

We can understand that robots will be increasingly more capable, and even that they have the ability to learn to cook more and better watching YouTube; we are also getting used to the idea that a robot will act as the waiter in a hotel, but from there to a pair of robotic arms making food for us there is a long way to go!

Robot Chef being efficient

Robot Chef being efficient

The guys of Moley Robotics do not think that this will happen in a long time as they are developing a robot that could be a reality in a couple of years and which will retire all these smart tools that abound in our kitchens.

The ‘robot chef’ is a collaboration of Moley with Shadow Robot company, which are exclusively in charge of those hands able to catch any element needed for cooking, with the sensitivity that this requires. We prefer you to meeet them in this video:

It is estimated that it could cost over 13,000 euros, and it would be accompanied by other appliances such as adapted dishwashers and refrigerators so that the arms can manipulate the elements. They speak of more than 2,000 possible recipes when introduced to the market.

About what interests us, technology, not much is said. We know that it has 3D cameras, involved in the case to manage distances to each item in the most accurate way, plus several sensors and cutting-edge engines.

They want it to come true in a couple of years

The robot is being showed at the Hannover Messe in Germany, a fair for industry in which we can see many robots. As we said, its creators believe that something like this can be part of our kitchens in 2017. Watch here another video recreating what they want to achieve:

This robotic arms are not new, at least outside the kitchen. Companies such as NASA have similar developments, and its operation is not only seen as an independent element but could also be used remotely by someone who really knows its stuff, so that we have the best breakfast.

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