Microsoft Unveils New Exciting Laptop at Its Windows 10 Event

Microsoft has always been known for its top operating systems and productivity programs, like MSWord, MSPowerPoint and more. But at their Windows 10 2015 event, the multinational computer software company launched their first-ever laptop, the Surface Book in a sleek promotional video.

The Surface Book is a 13.5-inch laptop is one of Microsoft’s Surface hardware products. The laptop is reported to be twice as powerful as Apple’s MacBook Pro. This notebook is a higher end version of Microsoft’s fourth laptop-tablet hybrid, which has a magnesium enclosure that allows users to remove the screen, which is more like the Surface. According to the company, this new laptop will outperform all its competitors.

Microsoft laptop

Microsoft also claims that the new Surface Book’s specifications will be formidable. For one, it will have an NVidia GeForce GPU as well as high-speed GDDR5 memory. Aside from that, the software company commissioned their Xbox team to ensure the laptop would have awesome graphics. For its physical design, the Surface Book will have a specially designed hinge that has a dynamic fulcrum. This allows the touch-enabled screen to be removable from its keyboard. The notebook has a slim design as it is only 7.7mm thick and is lightweight at 1.6 pounds.

As for its screen, it offers 267 pixels per inch, which should be a lot of pixels for a 13.5-inche screen. Users will also love the Surface Book’s backlit keys, though it can be removed entirely so users can use a stylus with it.


Microsoft said that they made the Surface Book this way – with professional and advanced features – because they want musicians, architects and other professionals to use it. It won’t be hard for professionals and on-the-go people to love this device because it is claimed to be the faster 13-inch laptop on the planet as of the moment.

This amazing notebook will available in the market on October 26, but can be pre-ordered at $1,499.

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