Microsoft, new keyboard cover for the next Surface Pro

Super new from Microsoft shows how it could be the new keyboard cover that the company could combine with the future Surface Pro 7. As known, the Redmond house would be working on a new generation of Surface Pro, a clear leap forward compared to the last Pro 6 presented a few months ago and not yet arrived in Italy. The launch of this new model is expected for 2019. Being a completely new product, surely Microsoft will also offer a completely renewed keyboard cover.

This new patent, therefore, allows you to have an overview of this new future. According to the patent, therefore, the new keyboard cover should have smaller overall dimensions, in particular as regards thickness. A keyboard that is thinner than the current one, therefore, and that would also feature a renewed and less cumbersome trackpad.

Microsoft has integrated the trackpad into the free cover keyboard just clicks for a real physical key. In addition, the Redmond house has provided for a repositioning of the internal hardware of the keyboard cover to save more space. Obviously it is still a patent and therefore this does not automatically mean that the future keyboard cover is really made in this way.

However, enough is enough to intrigue and raise the level of attention towards the next 2-in-1 Windows 10 Microsoft that is expected to arrive next year.

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