Magic Mouse Pro, a patent reveals Apple’s plans

A patent reveals an interesting, completely round mouse that can be held in any way thanks to sensors that include the way it is held.

A new Apple patent – number 10.496.187 – reveals a pointing device capable of functioning flawlessly regardless of how it is challenged. It is titled “Assembled at times without orientation for the control of electronic devices” and is very similar to a hypothetical Magic Mouse Pro.

The description of the product, inside the correspondence, is rather convoluted as is appropriate for each patent relationship:

“An input assembly is provided for the control of an electrical device, whereas the input assembly may include a cover structure which provides a surface without orientation with reference to at least one of the axes of the input coordinate system, a sub -assembled which acts as a sensor, at least partially protected by the covering structure, and able to detect, together with the sensor, the user coordinate system with respect to the surface without orientation […], the physical use of the structure of coverage and thus determine the control action for the electronic device based on the user coordinate system and the physical use made of the device. ”

A semantic jargon that outlines something much simpler to explain: we are talking trivially about a mouse that can be held as you wish, and that – despite this – can understand the direction in which you want to move the cursor. That’s why he doesn’t need an “above” or a “below.”

The sketches attached to the documentation do not show much about the design of the trinket, except that it has a convex shape and a rounded shape. We imagine it as a kind of pointing pad very similar to the “Hockey puck” released with the Bondi Blue iMac G3 in 1998, but without wires. This is what you can see below.

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