Lights, Camera and Action: Best Action Cameras in the Market

Want the whole to world to see the latest adventure you’ve indulged in? Don’t just settle for still images or dizzying videos. Let people experience the action, by recording your daredevil stunts through an action camera. Strapped to your headgear, such babies can capture everything you do as it happens. But some cameras are better than others in the sense that they’re shockproof and resistant to the elements.


Garmin VIRB Elite

This camera is a great improvement from its predecessor, what with a whole range of sensors added to it. The VIRB Elite not only records in full HD, but also measures speed and altitude, and records GPS. It can also connect to an iPhone or Android through its Wi-Fi connectivity, which is a very important element. Makes it easy to share your videos on social media sites, right?

Rollei Actioncam S-50

Weight will always be one factor that can influence your choice of action camera. Who would want a device that will cause a crick in your neck, anyway? But because small and lightweight isn’t always better, research is still necessary. Well, save yourself the trouble and just choose the Actioncam S-50 from Rollei. It’s a small and lightweight powerhouse that can easily fit in your pocket. It boasts of a 14MP sensor that shoots at 1080p at 30fps, extra-slim lens for razor-sharp underwater recording and integrated Wi-Fi.

GoPro Hero 3+


GoPro has delivered us with some of the amazing action cameras, and they never stop improving old models. The Hero 3+ is an update of the Hero 3, featuring a better SuperView shooting mode, clearer audio and 4K video at 30fps. It’s 20% lighter and smaller too. Grab the opportunity to record every amazing moment when you go skiing, snowboarding, bungee jumping and other action-packed adventures. Get your very own action camera. Whichever you choose, always check the battery life.

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