Light-up street advertising awesomeness

On-street advertising isn’t the place you’d normally expect to find exciting tech, but these new LED street displays are pretty cool and hard to miss on a cool Spring night. The LED street display is a backlit double-sided pavement sign with lithium battery-powered LEDs to pump out a significant glow, and comes in large (A2) and, well, very large (A1) sizes. It’s claimed to be a first of its type in the UK: it’s fully waterproof with permanent backlighting that can catch the eye through the day. It’s available exclusively in the UK from Display Wizard stands.

The display lighting lasts between 8–10 hours on a charge and can has a transformer to charge it during the day – just be careful of tripping up customers with the wire!

LED Advertising Technology

LED Advertising Technology

Bright up the night

It’s interesting to see the UK potentially move towards the more bright and striking advertising most commonly associated with bustling metropolises such as Tokyo, Beijing and Los Angeles. While businesses in cities like London don’t shy away from bright lights, this bit of tech might make luminous advertising more accessible for small businesses.

LED Street Display

LED Street Display

Lock up your tech

Of course the problem with any piece of cool technology is that, inevitably, somebody will look to steal it. Luckily the LED street display arrives complete with an anti-theft loop that can be chain-fastened to a nice, heavy, immovable object on the street, while the case section is securely lockable to stop anybody accessing the lovely marketing messages inside.

The LED street display isn’t yet a fixture on the typical UK shopping street or mall, but we’re looking forward to seeing businesses start to use this advertising display to add a little bit of Tokyo-style luminosity to the evenings.

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