Leap Motion includes its hands tracking into Razer virtual reality headset | OSVR

Leap Motion has been flirting with virtual reality for some time. As an accessory for computers it seems that it has finally found its partner to make the leap to virtual worlds. A few moments ago they have announced an agreement with Razer so we can use it with their future OSVR glasses but beware, it is not just compatibility between the two devices without further ado.

Leap Motion and Razer OSVR

Leap Motion and Razer OSVR

Leap Motion has announced that integration in the headset will be complete. That is, it will not be installed somewhere in the room where we are. Not at all, the motion sensor is integrated in the headset thus facilitating its use. No need to worry about connecting or configuring anything, just to move our hands to interact with virtual objects.

‘Touching’ virtual objects

If you do not know Leap Motion, it is a system to recognize and track movements and hand gestures. It started as an accessory for computers but now is one more interface for virtual reality Razer headset. Thus, besides using the head track we can ‘touch’ objects and have a greater integration with virtual worlds.

When OSVR is available, we will be able to buy an extra plate for the glasses to integrate this way the Leap Motion sensor. The integration for the applications development will be easier for developers since the code will be the same on different platforms (Leap Motion for Windows, Mac and virtual reality headsets).

As we could know, OSVR will not be the only virtual reality headset to integrate this technology. Leap Motion is working to integrate its technology in other glasses but so far they have not ventured to mention any names or be more specific. Remember, though, that there was already an attempt with Oculus Rift, albeit without integrating it into the glasses.

This integration gives Razer a competitive advantage over others. They are the first to integrate it officially and it could help develop more immersive virtual experiences. We remind you that the first OSVR development kits will be shipped this June.