Judgment: the new trailer offers us a taste of the combat system

The Yakuza and SEGA team give us a new Judgment game video that illustrates the combat system that will characterize their next PlayStation 4 game. Come private detective in one of Japan’s most turbulent districts, Yagami from time to time be a little hard in his investigation.

This self-taught martial artist can pass freely through two – Tiger and Crane, to take down individual punks or groups of thugs. He is also a master of street weapons, from a pair of chopsticks, to the favorite weapon of the Kamurocho fighter, the mighty bicycle. Equipped with a vast repertoire of final EX Action moves, Yagami may be the most dangerous former lawyer in Japan!
The judgment of judgment, therefore, will be very similar to that of the epic of Yakuza, with the incredibly fluid combat mechanics, a compelling story with mature tones, different mini-games in which to experiment between one mission and another and dialogues to multiple choice with characters of a thousand character nuances.

The title will also present dubbing in English and the original in Japanese: in both cases, however, it will be possible to activate the subtitles in Italian, with a complete localization that will also include the experience of the game menus, the interface and the innumerable elements of the game that we will collect during the judgments. Judgment is scheduled for June 21st, strictly exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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