Is the Love Affair Between Gamers and Pokemon Go Dwindling?

It is true that Pokemon Go has become a phenomenon just a few days after its release. Not only did it dominate download charts in the U.S. and other parts of the world such as Australia and Asia but it also became a craze in the UK.

However, just barely a little over a month after its launch, it seems that the love affair between gamers and the augmented reality app is dwindling. The observation was based on an independent analysis.

This was to be expected but not as big as it appears to be. It is but normal for some people to try it out and then discontinue playing but the significant drop became noticeable when the app was in the course of being launched in France, Latin America and Asia.


What are the figures?

Although there are no concrete figures, compiled data presented by the Axiom Capital Management reached to around 10 million gamers who have lost their interest in the game since the middle of July.

The industry metric that monitors how many users turn on the app on a daily basis, Pokemon Go’s Daily Active Users (DAU) showed that there were approximately 45 million users in mid-July and a month after, users dropped down to 30 million.


Despite the numbers, Pokemon Go still remains to be a popular app. In the UK, it is still in the seventh place in terms of download charts by iPhone users of free apps.

With number of Android and iPhone users not being infinite, Pokemon Go’s declining popularity is not surprising. This was also the thoughts of the editor of PocketGamer Biz, Craig Chapple.

“It’s rare for games to explode in popularity like Pokemon Go has, but a drop in users was always expected after a big launch,” said Chapple.