iPhone XR2, the renderings of the new model appear

If iPhone 11 will have a camera with 3 lenses, nothing prevents the iPhone XR2 from having two, like the current iPhone XS. And the first images fall from the Web.

The rendering of what should be the successor to the iPhone XR, coming after the summer, appeared on the Synophone Web. And, surprise !, it has a two-lens camera.

Those of Pricebaba.com have released in the last few hours a series of high resolution renderings showing the 2019 version of iPhone XR, the one that should be presented in September along with iPhone 11.

Seen from the front, it may seem identical to the current iPhone XR but it is on the back that things get interesting: in place of the single-lens module to which we are accustomed, in fact there is a square module – the same one you see on the iPhone renderings 11- surmounted however by two lenses rather than three (a bit ‘a waste of space available, if you ask us). The three-lens camera will in fact be exclusive to the leading devices.

No difference, however, with regard to the front camera that changes from the current 7 Megapixels to the future 12 Megapixels for all 2019 models, and for the A13 processor installed as standard on all three models.

For the rest, iPhone XR2 should have the following measurements: 150.9 x 76.1 x 7.8mm which become 8.5mm at the rear camera level; the smaller Notch is not confirmed, but on the other hand it seems that the module dedicated to the Face ID will be updated to be faster and more effective in the case of an important ambient brightness.

If everything goes as planned, iPhone XR2, Phone 11 and Phone 11 Max will debut in September in an ad hoc event; actual marketing, however, is expected for the following weeks.

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