iPhone X, Samsung and Google “are inspired” by the design of Apple

Since iPhone X and its disputed Notch exist, all smartphone manufacturers have immediately aligned themselves. So much so that both Samsung and Google work on products with similar designs. Here are the tests.


On the one hand, the Android world struggles to copy a flaw in the design, and on the other hand Apple works to make its most distinctive element disappear from the iPhone X: the controversial frontal notch in the display. History of an incessant copy-paste.

Let’s say it right away, to avoid unwanted flames. It is not that Android copies any from Cupertino, nor can we deny that sometimes even Apple is inspired by the competition. It is good that the best ideas, appropriately declined, land on one or the other platform: it happened with Night Mode and with the PiP and in some cases we even advocated a reverse osmosis process of innovations from Android to iOS.

But here something very different happens. Here are the main points of the story, then everyone joins them as they see fit.

Apple launches iPhone X, with the design we all know, love or hate; but that in no case leaves indifferent. The notch -Notch in English- serves to embed the front sensors, to the detriment of the useful space in the display. A compromise made necessary by the inability to slide the camera under the OLED panel. In other words, a design flaw, a period of transition, waiting for the technology that will transform iPhone into the forbidden dream of Jonathan Ive: a tablet without elements of discontinuity and physical buttons.

In the meantime, in the Android industry a competition was consumed by those who could propose the first smartphone with notch in the display; competition won by Leagoo S9 you see below.

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