iPhone SE2, here is what it looks like with Face ID and glass shell

On the Web appear cover for iPhone SE2, and you can also see the design of the phone: the Home button disappears and the glass body peeps out.

The videos and photos of the iPhone SE2 we’ve seen so far were probably a hoax. On the website of the cover manufacturer Olixar, new images have been published of what should be the next generation of iPhone SE arriving in the summer.

In recent days we showed you the models and measures used to create the covers, as well as a protective film for the screen that almost seemed to allude to an iPhone X mini. Now, instead, from the same producer rain the rendering of some covers destined to the device.

Judging by the images, iPhone SE2 takes a big step forward compared to the ancient design of 2012; it loses the Touch ID on the street, it has a larger display (for the same size) and includes a glass back shell that leads to wireless charging.

And mind you: these are rendering created on the basis of the most credible rumors in circulation between the Chinese partners of Cupertino, and not absolute certainties. But Olixar really believes in it, so much so that he has already started production.

And given that, by Apple’s own admission, iPhone X is the model on which all future models will be modeled, which makes perfect sense. The only doubt that comes to mind is the costs: will Apple keep the prices of the device in line with the current ones, introducing so many technologies inside it?

It must be said that on a 4 “display, a handful of pixels more impacts less than the larger devices, and then, the research and development of any new sensors have however been repaid by iPhone X, and will be further amortized with the new intermediate and flagship iPhone of 2018. In short, if we had to venture, there seems to be an idea so peregrina: iPhone SE2 could really introduce a very good price performance, especially compared to the expensive prices of the iPhone X2. .

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