iPhone 5 sales boom: in a single day 2 million orders

This is nothing new, but in a period of global economic crisis is certainly something on which we should reflect. Apple has announced that, in a single day there have already been ordered more than two million iPhone 5, the new smartphone which was the last born of the of the gigantic company called Apple (everybody recognizes the brand now). A quantity monster in a very small period of time, they found the same puzzled quiz that Apple has had to deal with a request that travels on double numbers than the record that was set by the previous model.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5

Obviously, in this situation by surprise, Apple found itself faced with a demand for the product that has passed in the short initial planned stocks: one of the orders was processed already in October, while the open sale in the United States was off on the 21st of September. For that reason there were very cheap mobile phones on the web, in every corner of the world; because they were double selling them from the US.

iPhone has been around since 2007 and to date is still to be the most popular product of Apple, with a total of 244 million smartphones: “Sales of the iPhone 5 have broken the previous record set from the iPhone 4S the response from consumers and it was phenomenal, ” according to the words of Philip Schiller, chief marketing officer of Apple

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