iPhone 11, CAD projects spring up

On the web, CAD was rendered by iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone XR2. Here’s what they reveal.

On Slashleaks, in the last few hours some images have been ticked that would show the CAD projects of the new iPhones coming in less than two months. And if they are as authentic as they seem, then further proof of the design we have seen so far, including the 3-lens rear camera.

This type of images is generated by CAD files that manufacturers normally use to turn out covers and accessories, before the physical availability of the new phones.

At this stage, it is not possible to officially consider the authenticity of the document, but the experience of so many years leads us to believe that they are probably true; certainly, I remember what is to be expected with the new September devices.

In fact, we know that Apple will launch three new iPhone models: iPhone XI with 5.8 “OLED display, iPhone XI Max with 6.5” OLED display along with the evolution of the current XR (which we call XR2 momentarily but which will surely have another brand) with 6.1 “LCD display.

The successors of the iPhone XS and XS Max is also a feature: the three-lens camera, where the LCD model will settle for two lenses like the iPhone XS. In all cases, users will enjoy higher zoom levels and much better overall picture quality.

The new smartphones introduced among other things more capacious batteries, wireless charging of AirPods and other compatible devices, updating of the 120Hz display, and special 3D technologies and / or navigation / positioning in closed environments.

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