iPad Pro becomes a giant fridge magnet

The new iPad Pro has superpowers. Not only does it adhere to the refrigerator like Spider-Man on the walls of buildings; but introduces some interesting news that it is good to know to use it to the fullest. Here are the 7 most brilliant genres of iPad Pro.

1. iPad Pro on the Fridge
To make possible the magic of accessories that attach and detach without hinges or connectors, Apple has distributed as many as 90 magnets inside the device; this allows it to adhere to any metal surface, including refrigerators. It is a practice that we strongly discourage, but so be it.
2. Turn off iPad Pro
To turn off iPad Pro, change the procedure. Now you have to hold down the power and down buttons at the same time; when the words Scroll to Turn Off appears, use your finger to proceed.

3. Siri on iPad Pro

As with the latest iPhone generations, Siri has been evicted from the Home button, which no longer exists; to request help from the Cupertino voice assistant, therefore, you must press and hold the power button.

4. Face ID from Keyboard

When there is a keyboard connected, simply press any button twice to force a Face ID scan. In practice, the first pressure is used to reactivate the tablet from sleep and activate the Face ID; the second one instead passes the Block Screen.

5. Tap to Wake
just like on iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, just touch the display off to wake it from sleep.

6. FaceTime with Animoji

The Face ID of iPad Pro brings all the other minor features that derive from this sensor, therefore also Animoji and Memoji during FaceTime calls. Here we explain how to use them with a step-by-step guide.

7. Tricks with Keyboard
When you connect a keyboard, iPad Pro becomes even smarter and more versatile. Thanks to the combination of keys you can in fact give commands as on Mac, or create screenshots of applications. We refer you to our post of study on the most useful keyboard shortcuts on iPad Pro.