Ipad Pro – Apple Explains Why They Sometimes Come Out Crooked

Some iPad Pro, taken out of the box, are not perfectly straight. Apple officially explains why this is not a defect.

We knew that some iPad Pro can leave the factory with a not perfectly straight shell, and that unfortunately there is nothing that the user can do. To say the apple, in fact, it would not be a defect or an aspect that impacts on the operation of the device. But why does a similar phenomenon happen? The explanation is in an official document of Cupertino that we went to comb through for you.

In practice, the question is of a technical nature and concerns only the WiFi + Cellular models (therefore immune only those WiFi). “To provide optimal cellular connectivity performance,” we read, “small vertical bands called ‘split’ inserted on the sides of the iPad allow the different parts of the body to function as an antenna.For the first time in the history of the iPad, such bands they are produced with a process called co-injection molding.In this high temperature process, the plastic is inserted in very thin grooves inside the aluminum body where it melts with the micro-pores of the aluminum surface. ”

However, high temperatures can cause the folding of the iPad Pro shell in some cases; bending that never exceeds 0.41mm. “This specification of flatness” explains the apple, “does not allow to exceed 400 microns of deviation with respect to the length of each side, it is less than four sheets of paper.” In other words, the standards here are very high.

Too bad that, in the end, someone finds himself however with a tablet that does not adhere perfectly to the table while other users do. Which is frankly annoying: after all, it is not that the crooked ones cost less.

That’s why, for those who have to buy one, we absolutely recommend to go to the Apple Store online: if the iPad Pro delivered is one of those stortignaccoli, you always have the option to send it back within 14 days and without having to provide explanations.

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