iOS7 Tips for faster Apple devices

iOS7 has been around for a few months and though it has brought great additions to our Apple devices it has also made the previous generations of iPads and iPhones slow and clumsy. Here are some iOS 7 tips to remedy this problem.

You don't need it back

You don’t need it back

This kind pf problems seem to be affecting iOS7 iPhone 4 and 4S devices, as well as second-generation of iPads. Maybe some of these tips seem very basic but they are really useful. If you want to work a little better with this operating system you can do the following:

Deletes unnecessary content

Be it books, movies, comics or apps, surely there are many things you no longer use in your iPad or iPhone and are just there taking up space. It is recommended that you have between 10% and 20% of the total memory of your device free. The ideal would be to have 1GB of free space and actually, I think that the more space available, the better.

In iOS7 as you know, there’s an easy way to delete content. You only have to go to Settings> General> Usage. Here you will find information about the memory usage of your device. So you can easily see your list of apps organized in terms of size. Thus, it will be easy to decide to delete apps that take up too much space and you do not use.

Do not use the index Spotlight

While you may need to search in Spotlight for some things (like your contacts), you do not need it for others like your apps, videos or email. In iOS7 you have the option of choosing when to use Spotlight Search. Go to Settings> General> Spotlight Search and turn off the services you do not need.

It's something you can do without

It’s something you can do without

Prevent automatical download content

This will make your device not constantly downloading information and thus help it run faster. To turn it off you have to go to Settings> iTunes and App Store and disable updates. Besides this, i’d also recommend avoiding  the download of music, apps and books automatically.

Similarly, you can prevent applications from updating content automatically. For this, go to Settings> General> Background Refresh App. This will surely save you a lot of battery.

Why so slow?

Why so slow?

Clean Safari cache

If you use this browser, I also recommend that you clean your cache. Just go to Settings> Safari and select clear cookies and data.

Clean your backups

Another reason why your iPad can run slowly (especially when you are syncing with iTunes) is the corrupt copies security. To fix this, open iTunes on your computer then go to Preferences> Devices and here select and deletes all backups. Once you’re done, start a new backup from the menu on the display summary information from your device.

Disable some graphics options

Yes, iOS graphic effects look good but they certainly make the previous Apple devices go slower. To disable go to:

Settings> General> Accessibility> Zoom In contrast, active contrast. This will eliminate the effect of transparency.

Settings> General> Accessibility> Zoom Movement and activate it. This will disable the parallax effect of iOS7.

By +Nikos Kontorigas