iOS 10 Rumors, Release Date and Features

If you have not yet updated your iOS device to its latest version, then you should get more excited with the upcoming release of the iOS 10.

Rumors About the Latest iOS Version

According to sources, the new software update from Apple should be announced by September 2016. This should be done along with the announcement of the new iPhone 7. Thus, the update should include major changes apart from your old routine of using your mobile phone and tablet.


Release Date for the iOS 10

Actually, the beta version of the new iOS version has already been released to developers. However, those that aren’t making applications shouldn’t be able to take advantage of this update just yet. Nevertheless, the public beta has followed a few days after the developer beta was released. The final version of the iOS 10 though will not be released until September because of some added tests for bugs.

Features of the New Software Update


If your device is still using the thirty-pin dock connector, then you shouldn’t be able to get the iOS 10 working on your device. This is the new distinction that has been released by Apple for the current year. So, it means that the older iPhone 4S, iPod touch 5th gen, and the iPad 2 are not supported by this new update.

A new redesigned lock screen for the iPad and iPhone. This means the old slide to unlock feature has now been replaced with the new “Press Home to Open” feature. The added feature is that you can simply raise your iOS device to wake it. This means that issues regarding blowing past the notifications from the lock screen by hitting the TouchID home button have been resolved with this new update. This should be the sleeper hit of the new version that should be able to revamp your iPhone routine.

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