In May, Legend of Kay Anniversary arrives on Nintendo Switch

After 10 years from the first launch will be released in May the new version of Legend of Kay Anniversary, finally available for Nintendo Switch

It‘s been 10 years since the official launch of the wacky RPG action Legend of Kay on Playstation 2, and the game seen the success has been made available on many platforms: PC / Mac, Linux, PS3, Xbox 360, Ps4 and recently on Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo DS with the “Legend of Kay Anniversary” name.

From May 29, 2018 the famous videogame will land in the Anniversary version also on the Nintendo Switch platform, in a completely remastered version.

Textures in HD, new and more detailed models of the characters and a remastered and crystalline sound contribute to actualize a timeless game, suitable for both children and adults.

The characteristics of the game do not vary much, which can count on 25 different levels and 15 types of enemies. The primary weapons available remain: the sword the hammer and the claws, and within the game there are classic mini-games like the wild boar contest.

The most exciting feature in addition to the game itself is the ability to compete with friends and champions from around the world through the ranking of online scores.

For hardcore fans, all that remains is to wait for the release date of Legend of Kay Anniversary for Nintendo Switch on May 29th.

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