If Apple buys Twitter

Someone recently wrote that if Apple were to acquire Twitter, (subject to the denial of the vertices of Cupertino to the interest of the company to the platform of social chirps), nothing would be the same as before. Accounting for taste … but also … why is this? And above all, where is it written that this hypothetical marriage must necessarily be guessed?

Apple and Twitter

Apple and Twitter

Maybe the thought of those words is convinced words of the Properties of the house of Cupertino, but unfortunately for them, even if the company of Apple underlies the business rules of the industry and economics, areas which will include the operations that cannot be considered as success or failure (defined as a single project). The projects have one main issue, which is the diversity of the software and the user experience incompatibility. For the latter reason the companies should at least do a software testing in order to allocate the common points.

An example of this? The AppleTV, now in its third generation, but so far has not made the havoc in terms of sales ( that someone was expected ) because the format is structurally not too successful, as well as other similar devices, starting media-centers that are equipped with the Microsoft operating system and hardware-like languishing PC from immemorial time.

The reason for this lies in the increasing capabilities integrated into TV sets, making it almost completely superfluous to similar devices. In this specific field, but also in general it should be given notes about the company founded by Steve Jobs, he never “perfected” to a great product, at least not most of its competitors and at least not in the last twenty years (perhaps his last true example of failure was the IIgs).

That said, it is not enough, however, the paradigm of Apple + social network to declare a success on a global scale. Okay, the brand is an icon of Cupertino (rightly or wrongly that does not matter), the social network is the phenomenon of the moment, but …
But as Facebook is in crisis, kicking MySpace, LinkedIn is closed in its niche, Google is the only one who seems to get along well, and Twitter honesty, is not doing so great, even more so for the fact that being a platform is conceptually easy and should have quickly carve a slice of users higher than that of the creation of Zuckerberg ( we should thank also to the non-total superposition with the latter).

So? So we realize we talk about the sex of angels, the glorifying union that in addition is not yet to be certain. It would certainly not be winning only the involved names, because the impression is that the concept of social networks is scoring up a bit.