Huawei FreeBuds, the wireless headphones “inspired” by AirPods

We sincerely wondered why they took so long to launch them. Ladies and gentlemen, here is Huawei FreeBuds, the earphones “inspired” by Apple Airpods, and also available in black.
AirPods have a stylish and minimalist shape, color and finishes; they are one of the accessories launched by to complete their new flagship smartphone, the P20.

The FreeBuds, so they are called, cost € 159 and guarantee 10 hours of continuous listening on a single charge; exactly twice the size of the Apple counterpart. We do not find much marketing material on the audio quality, a sign that maybe it will not be at the same level. On the other hand, they show off an in-ear design, less elegant but more efficient from the point of view of sound insulation.

They too are marketed with a case that also makes a portable powerbank; unlike the AirPods, which are positioned vertically, the Huawei earphones lie horizontally.

Obviously, with iPhone they behave like normal Bluetooth headphones; no self-magical installation, no wireless charging when it is available. One wonders: for € 20 difference, who is it that would buy the FreeBuds? Users the arduous sentence.

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