HTC Vive Focus VR in America and soon all over the world

In fact, HTC has brought its standalone virtual reality headset, HTC Vive Focus VR, outside China’s borders. This interesting product, in fact, has officially landed in America where it can be purchased for € 599. The news is important because America will be only the first in many extra-Chinese countries where the HTC Vive Focus VR will be launched soon. In fact, in the coming months, the viewer will arrive in a total of 37 countries. Soon, therefore, this interesting product could be on sale in Europe and in Italy.

As mentioned above, HTC Vive Focus VR is a standalone virtual reality viewer. This means that it does not need a computer to connect to in order to work. Its independence is possible thanks to the presence of a dedicated hardware integrated directly inside the display. Specifically, the heart of this product is the Qualcomm Snapdragn 835 processor, which is the same processor as the top-of-the-range smartphones of last year.

Also all its other specifications are very interesting. HTC Vive Focus VR integrates an AMOLED display with 3K resolution (2880 × 1600 pixels) and with 110-degree viewing angles. Also present microphones, speakers, WiFi, 3.5mm jack and a USB-C port. HTC guarantees that the rechargeable battery can offer an autonomy of about 3 hours.

HTC Vive Focus VR also features a wireless controller that allows you to track hand movement in virtual environments. Additional Advantage and Advantage + business packages are also available for businesses.

A virtual reality viewer, therefore, perfect both for entertainment and for use in professional environments, perhaps for teaching purposes.