How will Ubuntu for Android affect gaming?

Ubuntu for Android seemed like a pipe dream only a year ago. It has been in development for what seems like an age and after all this time it has finally been revealed to the world. But what is so special about Ubuntu for Android? For a start, it operates on the same device as Android, alongside Android. It is able to do this because they both use the same basic framework, meaning that there are no clashes for hardware or software use while you’re trying to play online casino games for example.

Ubuntu for Android

Ubuntu for Android

Another great thing is that the Ubuntu operating system is the same as the fully featured edition found on home computers. The only difference is that it has been optimised for use on a smartphone. But if you plug the handset into a PC monitor, the software changes over to the full

home PC edition, giving you access to everything you need from your office software to a full featured web browser – perfect for playing online casino games. This versatile approach to an operating system has given a lot of people good reason to be excited, and it has given the best UK casino a boost in the form of new mobile casino gamers. Because Ubuntu can run side by side with the Android OS it means that you can launch Android gaming apps from Ubuntu. So while there may not be a lot of software available specifically for the Ubuntu platform just yet, you can still have access to everything you might need on Android just from the Ubuntu system.

This adds a huge amount of software potential, particularly in the arena of gaming. It seems as though Ubuntu is poised to take over in the next few years since it requires nothing more than an Android capable phone, and can offer so much in terms of connectivity and gaming potential. In the next year we might just see a new contender in the mobile gaming marketplace.

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