How Wi-Fi Access in Stores and Offices Help Boost Sales

We are now in the era where almost everyone has access to the Internet. Various forms of Internet computing has got consumers increasingly hooked that it is becoming impossible to separate online and offline business operations. Shoppers often visit a company’s website or read online reviews before actually visiting its showroom or physical store, if not complete a purchase online.


Conversely, providing reliable and free Internet access to customers, even walk-ins and window shoppers, has become a standard in retailing today. Buyers often expect a store, office or café to have free Wi-Fi access, and when there is none, it immediately becomes a letdown, causing negative rippling effects on sales. For this reason, more and more businesses offer free wireless Internet access to customers, to encourage buying and patronage.

Free Wi-Fi in store locations promote longer browsing of products and better shopping experience. Customers tend to linger longer in shops where they can simply hang out and get online. Although this may encourage bystanders, providing Wi-Fi access on the condition of buying at least a cup of latte or a piece of shirt could help both the business and its customers.

Free Wi-Fi in stores allows businesses to cut down costs associated with hiring frontline staff. When all helpful information is available online, the business no longer needs so many sales personnel to assist and educate customers regarding new products and promotional bundles, and even old offerings. The company website or online store serves as an informative and interactive brochure, where customers choose or search for products and services, and then complete a purchase.


In turn, customers do not feel the slightest intrusion into their buying selection and preference usually done by aggressive frontline sales staff. Customers get to begin purchase process more privately and independently with less interruption and greater control. They only need to seek out assistance when the company website lacks the information they need or wants to know more about a particular product or service.

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