How to Dispose Old Gadgets with a Conscience

Did you get a new mobile phone or video game console last Christmas? Unless you find other ways to use your old gadgets, you might be thinking of disposing them. But don’t just chuck it out the window or toss it in the bin. There are ways to let it go without causing the environment undue stress.

Give it to someone else

Old as it may be, but as long as it is well-maintained, old gadgets may still have a home with someone else. Not everyone is very particular about the year a unit is made, anyway. So ask around. A friend or a family member might find better use of your gadget. Just remember to wipe the device clean of any sensitive information. Back it up first and then reset to factory settings.


Make money off it

No takers? You should sell or trade it on Amazon or Best Buy. You can also find brokers who can handle the sale on your behalf. Online electronics brokers, such as Gazelle, uSell and NextWorth, for example, will give you an instant quote for the device you are selling. If the price is right, they will then ship an envelope that you can use to send the item to them. You will then receive a check, gift card, or credit to your PayPal account after a few days upon receipt of the old gadget.


Donate it

In the event that the item is too old to be given as a gift or for reselling, you can always give it to charity. Doing so will not only enable you to help someone, but also collect a small tax deduction. You have to admit it’s a great deal. Some organizations will also sell your phone on your behalf and donate a part of the proceeds to charity.