How Social Media Made the World a Better Place by Saving Lives

Are you one of those people who shun social media for their somewhat intrusive and disruptive effect? Not only has cyber bullying and cybercrimes proliferated as use of social networks increased, the thin line between private and public further blurred as well. But it’s not all that bad. In another end of the spectrum, social media fosters freedom of speech and even save lives. How?


Provides a gold mine of information

Sure, information is just as plenty on the internet and you only need to ask Google. The advantage of social networks, however, is that it is a community where people from all walks of life converge. From your network and that of your friend’s, there will be doctors, nurses, teachers and other professionals, some of which are excellent at their job. In the case of Michele Freeman, for example, a pediatric nurse in her network helped uncover a health condition affecting her daughter. After she posted a photo of her daughter, the friend noticed something different about the child’s eyes and suggested Freeman had it checked. As it turns out, the child had Retinoblastoma, a form of cancer that leads to vision loss and other life-threatening problems.

Provides a link to relevant online communities

Are you afflicted with something? There are other people in your social network that could be suffering with the same health condition and has formed a community where everyone can share ideas, thoughts and information about medical breakthroughs, clinical trials and the like. By being part of a community, you will not only have a strong support network, but a reliable source of advice and information. You are also assured that data you collect are more likely to be factual and based on actual experiences.


So post a photo, join a community or start a thread in a forum and find answers to questions you might have about your health. Social media can help save your life and that of others.

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