How does the new iPhone Compare to other models

What is it about the iPhone that makes everyone want to upgrade as soon as the newest version is released? Looking at the progression of each model logically, since its release 5 years ago, there have not been any significant changes that have wowed the customer, which is what the buyer is expecting.

Comparing iPhone models

Comparing iPhone models

Instead, underwhelming and often unnecessary changes for changes sake is what we are offered, under the slick advertising campaign that attempts to convince the consumer that this small change has more significance than it really does. They say, ‘lightest and thinnest’, we say ‘well that’s going to break if I drop it’, they change the size of the screen, do people really care than much about a few more millimeters? It has been argued that the reason the iPhone has remained one of the most popular models of phone is because the consumer is buying into the Apple brand, a company that prides itself on innovation, forward-thinking and revolutionary ideas. As a buyer, trust is put into reputation and when Apple say that the iPhone 5 is, ‘the best thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone’ there is no reason to doubt it.

However, trying to appease the public with clever slogans is not going to keep working when the products do not live up to their own hype. And this is evident when the once must-have gadget is taken over in sales by rivals that have clearly been underestimated by Apple. People are turning to rival mobile phones such as Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia, even the iPhone 4S is selling more than the iPhone 5 in the UK. You will be able to compare the prices of them at to see for your self that the cheaper types of phones in some cases have better processors, memory, and graphics.

Undoubtedly the iPhone did revolutionize the mobile phone when it was first launched however, it is no longer a one horse race and compared to other models of smartphones available today the iPhone 5, even with the best advertising Apple has got, has not succeeded in convincing the consumer that this is the smartphone to buy.

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