Here Are Two More Proofs that Robots Continue to Help Make Life Easier

We know of robots that have been invented to perform household chores, like vacuuming. Then, there are machines that take away dangerous industrial jobs from humans. With the advancements in technology, there are two more jobs that these mechanical helpers will be doing to make life more convenient.

Robots that scan faces at the airport

At last week’s Paris Air Show was a display of a set of terrestrial guards. They were white, shiny, plastic and mechanical machines that will scan faces and read travel documents. On top of that, they will act as immigration officers, too.

robot face scanner

The use of these robots at airports will save companies from paying large overhead costs, as each one can perform the job of five human ticket agents. French company Thales, who is responsible for the creation of these machines, says that the robots will scan faces of passengers and then share it with other computers around the airport. Aside from that, the robots will print the passengers’ faces on their boarding pass in an encrypted manner. Airport officers assigned at the gates will then check the scans to confirm whether the person the robot saw is the same person on the printed image on the boarding pass.

Robots that print 3D steel bridges

MX3D bridge

Three-dimensional printers are not new to us. But we only know of 3D printers that print fashion accessories, figurines, guns and animal prosthetics. This concept is the same concept that has been used by the engineers at MX3D. But they use steel instead of plastic or other light material to create 3D steel bridges, one of which will be across one of Amsterdam’s canals.

The idea is to use two teams of robots, one on either side of the canal, to create a bridge across. The welder robots will print the bridge’s supports in 3D. This will save a lot of time and speed up the process of building bridges.

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