Great Tips to Get Away from Nuisance Calls

Phone calls carrying those financial rewards or insurance compensation details can be very annoying, especially if you have never applied for any policy that entitles you to such information. Every year, millions of cold calls are being made to people from all over the world, yet only a very small percentage of these people have filed their complaints to designated communications regulatory agencies.

Now, if you are one of those starting to resent looking at your phone receiving calls from unknown numbers, there are steps you can take to no longer experience, or maybe just a few, of these situations.

Perform some tweaks of your caller preferences. 

You can call on your mobile provider, state your concerns and ask if they can adjust your caller settings. Basically, they have the capabilities to block anonymous calls and provide you with a “call sign” that uses a different ring tone for calls from your family and friends. If you have some persistent callers on your phone, you can block their numbers through your device’s settings.

phone call

Stay away from telephone marketing. 

Whether you are signing up to a newsletter or paying for something online, you should look out for marketing preference boxes, which usually appear at the bottom of a page. Tick them out if you choose not to be contacted by third-party marketing groups.

Take advantage of call-blocking technologies. 

Call-blocking technologies can either be pre-installed into your device or can be acquired separately to block certain calls, such as those from withheld or foreign numbers. You can check out call-blocking solutions on app stores that cater to your device.

Register with a telephone preference service.

If unwanted calls are getting too much for you to handle, you can register your mobile number with a telephone preference service, which will prevent most marketers to reach your number.


Use an ex-directory.

Free to sign up for, an ex-directory will keep your number from being looked up by directory enquiries.

There you have it. You can now say “goodbye!” to all those nuisance calls!

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