Google Voice vs Skype – Which VoIP Best Compliments Your Small Business

Two of the most competitive VoIP services today are Google Voice and Skype. Each one is unique and provides a bunch of benefits.

Best Features of Google Voice

  1. Google Voice provides unlimited domestic calls, including mobile and landline numbers (within the United States). In contrast, Skype offers free domestic calls but charges calls to mobile and landline at $0.023/min in the US. Skype offers monthly subscriptions at $2.99 for US and Canada, and $13.99 for worldwide calls.

  2. Google Voice offers free domestic SMS, while Skype offers varying rates for sending SMS to the US and anywhere in the world.

  3. Google Voice offers free call forwarding through its paid subscription. Skype on the other hand charges pay per minute at varying rates.

  4. Google Voice offers free voicemail transcription, Skype charges at $0.25/min.

  5. Google Voice offers free recording of incoming calls.

  6. It offers free individual phone number. With Skype, you need to pay $18/month or $60/year for own number.

  7. Google Voice offer free group chat via Hangouts. Only premium Skype subscribers get free group chat.


Best Features of Skype

  1. Skype to Skype international calls are free. With Google, you need to install Google Voice and Video Chat to enjoy free international calling.

  2. Skype offers integrated voice, IM, and video calling in a single platform.

  3. With Skype, you don’t need a phone plan and you can readily connect through a reliable WiFi connection.

  4. Skype has its own version specially designed for Business. This costs more but it includes special features like lower charges, group calling, collaboration functions, and contacting non-Skype users.

  5. Skype doesn’t need you to download any plug-in as long as you’ve downloaded installed the platform and/or client.

  6. There are more Skype users than Hangouts/Google Voice users.


Both VoIP providers cannot connect you to emergency numbers. But both allows you free blocking of calls, voicemail and video chat.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or Internet Calling is something any business small or big can benefit. However, a small business has more to consider in terms of cost-benefit because normally financial resources for a small business are limited. Thankfully, some VoIP services are free and yet perform quite well to satisfy the online communication needs of a small business. For starters, use both services and take advantage of their free services. When your needs begin to change, you might consider subscribing to paid services, which are needed to enhance your business transactions.

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