Google Lens translates the texts and recognizes the dishes

The Mountain View company announced new features for Google Lens during the recent Google I / O 2019. In the last few hours the new version has been published that also features a renewed design for the visual assistant icon.

Google Lens uses image recognition and augmented reality to perform various tasks. It can be finished via Google Assistant, Google Photos, Google Search and the Camera app (on previously taken photos). Lenses to copy text, search for products online, identify plants, animals and points of interest (such as monuments), read barcodes and QR codes. Now you can also translate the text and recognize the dishes.

To use the “translator” filter, simply frame the text with the camera. The screen will then display the translation in real time (over 100 languages ​​are supported). This is a “light” version of Google Translate. By framing a menu instead, Lens will show the most popular dishes with photos and reviews on Google Maps. After eating, just frame the bill to calculate the tip and share the expense with friends.

The new features are for Android smartphones that support ARCore. The lens is also available on iOS, but only via the Google and Photos app. The distribution started yesterday, so the new features should arrive within the next few days.

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